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Federation of Housing Societies and Developers in Delhi(Land Pooling Policy), also known as FedHSDD, is the apex body of different group housing societies and real estate developers operating in Delhi through land pooling policy(LPP).

FedHSDD runs several activities and initiatives to connect housing societies and developers to customers, DDA, and different departments and ministries of Delhi and Central Government, on different matters related to land pooling policy and Delhi Master Plan 2021.

The Political and Administrative Setup of Delhi is complex, which often leads to miscommunication and delay in implementation of those policies which require collaboration of both State and Central Governments, and Land Pooling Policy is no exception to this. Land Pooling Policy is a matter of national importance, as it is expected to release over 40 thousand acres of new land in the national capital, which in turn will pave way for construction of 14.5 lakhs affordable housing units in Delhi.

Due to uncoordinated efforts and lukewarm responses from different LPP decision making authorities and agencies spanning DDA, MCD, UD ministries of state and central governments, fate of 10,000 buyers and investments worth over 30,000 crores is at stake.

Delhi is a city where everybody wishes to have a home. LPP is a key that would help millions who make Delhi their home , own a house here. It’s unfortunate that political parties which expedites the regularisation of thousands of unauthorised colonies, refuses to fast track LPP which has the potential to scale up the existing authorised infrastructure by 50% in 4-5 years, addressing the concerns of authorities and land owners.

FedHSDD is committed to facilitate affordable, sustainable and inclusive development of new lands in Delhi, by bringing together all stakeholders on a single platform.

We welcome everyone to join us and render helping hands towards timely implementation of land pooling policy.

Benefits of Land Pooling Policy

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